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Visiting Classic Remise Düsseldorf

Porsche Triptichon

It has been a while since i posted something new on this site. I made a move back to Nikon in the meantime. I shot a lot with cameras of this brand and i was looking for something that is even more suitable for landscape photography than my Leica has been. I will be on vacation by the end of April and i hope to return with lots of stuff to share with you.

Yesterday i visited the Classic Remise at Düssedorf, Germany, with a friend. We shot a lot of classic cars and modern super cars as well there. If you are interested in sports cars or vintage classics you should definetly come and visit. With a big wallet you can even buy your dream automobile, cause allmost every one is for sale. No entrance fee.

The image above is a panorama shot. I took three images of these Porsches and combined them in Photoshop. The final image is about 100mp and allows for big prints. You can see a bigger version of this photo in the Gallery.

Below you see some more impressions of the building, which is a modernized enginehouse.

Classic Remise

The former turnstile now makes the main hall.


View from where the old lok sheds have been into the main hall.


Modernized with style.


Mercedes SL.


Porsche Speedster.