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Hi folks, some words about me.

My name is Markus Gerhards, born and raised in the City of Cologne, Germany. I got an education as a graduate in public management and i am working for the public authority over here.

While this is my job, my passion is photography. Well, in fact it is one of many passions but one that has become more and more important to me in recent years.

I started up with my first (analog) camera in 1979 a Fujinon body with a 50mm lens. I dont know if the company still exists today but it was an awesome camera back then.

After a break of many years, i decided to buy into the nikon camp and startet with a nikon D5000 and ended up with a D700 later.

When i noticed that it is landscape photography that fascinates me the most, i sold my beloved D700 and bought a D800  because of its resolution. Fantastic if you want to print your images large as i like it. Landscape photos MUST be printed and the bigger the better.

While being satisfied with the image quality of that camera it came with a burdon. Weight. I travelled with this body and the so called holy trinity of lenses along a few others. A sturdy tripod was also essential. My backpack had over 12kg these days. Too much for travelling.

My research for good image quality in a small body lead me to Leica. The M9 is now my travel companion. It has amazing image quality and together with those tiny lenses (compared to my nikon lenses) it’s the best package for me.

Recently i bought the Sony A7r because of its features. Some of them come in very handy especially for a landscape guy (the work with filters and live view, for example). It takes Leica lenses and is just as small and lightweight. And it has tons of resolution ! It will not replace my Leica but it can do things my Leica cant do so well (and vice versa).

Apart from Landscape and Travel photography i like many other things like Street and Architecture. There is so much to experience.

On this website i will share with you those experiences and hopefully you will find some interesting stuff here. It would be even greater if you would be part of it. Share your experiences with me and others on this site.

See you guys later, Markus


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